Android - Call Intgegration

>> This item applies to Android devices only <<

While the Real Softphone attempts to be compatible with as many devices and operating system versions as possible, there are of course limitations.  Depending on the hardware, OS version, processor, memory, etc.. not all app features may function as expected.

Within the Android version of the Real Softphone, you can disable Call Integration.
By disabling Call Integration, the app will not be as tightly integrated with the Android Telecom framework.

We do not recommend disabling Call Integration, unless you have softphone issues that cannot be resolved (or if instructed by your service provider).

  1. Launch the Real Softphone app and select Settings:

  2. Select Preferences:

  3. Select Controls:
  4. Select Call integration:
  5. Select the option located below the Call integration mode title:
  6. Select Disabled:

Then, retry your call.

If the issue is not resolved, we recommend setting Call Integration back to 'Default'.